Projects Undertaken    

Phiri and Nyoni Projects has sucessfully and proudly undertaken and completed the following projects. The list below delineates the client and includes a basic project description. Should you require additional information regarding project on this page, please co not hesitate to contact us with your request.

Client   Description
Mbombela Local Municipality   2010 Soccer World Cup Waste Management
Planning and coordinating waste management services related to the soccer world cup.
Mpumalanga Department of Roads and Transport   Investigate, plan, design, implement, manage and supervise the Mbombela Integrated Rural Mobility and Access.
Department of Water Affairs and Forestry   Transformation of irrigation boards and the establishment of water user associations.
Kangala District Municipality   Design and manage the construction of roads in the Thembisile Municipality
SATAC   Institutional Support for the installation of water meters in the Mbombela municipal area
Greyling Liason / Gibb Africa   Maputo Iron and Steal Project - Public Participation
Identification of stakeholders within the South African border from Phalaborwa to Nkomazi and assistance in the interpretation of the Environmental Scrooping Report, EIA and input into the process.
Inkomati Catchment Management   Public participation management of interested and affected parties on the formation of a Water Resource Management Utility.
Regional Land Claims Commission   Research work on land claims in the Mpumalanga province.
Department of Water Affairs and Forestry   Institutional Management Suppoty and integrated strategy on water and sanitation for all municipalities in Mpumalanga and cross border municipalities. The programme aimed at assisting municipalities to develop in-house planning capacity
Department of Housing (Mpumalanga)   Project management of all construction work
Department of Roads and Transport (Mpumalanga)   Feasibility study for Integrated Rural Mobility and Access.
Design and implementation of pedestrian walkways and bridges, and bus shelters.


Organisation Contact Person Contact Number
Nkangala District Municipality TC Makola or
Walter Maroane
+27 13 249 2030
Department of Water Affairs and Forestry Anton Kruger or
Richard Mbambo
+27 13 752 4183
Department of Housing and Land Administration Lucky Monareng +27 13 766 6087
Afrosearch Dr. David de Wal +27 12 362 2908
Manyaka Greyling Liason Tisha Greyling +27 12 362 0848
Independent Development Trust Walter Buna +27 13 752 4955
Mpumalanga Department of Roads and Transport M.A. Makgalemane +27 13 755 1200
Department of Water Affairs K. Khorommbi +27 12 336 8000

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